Dissemination is a very powerful tool for explaining complex information to people.


With the use of video your target audience will comprehend the necessity of your project

In 2016 we were approached by Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Asset Manager for Infrastructure to make a film of their role and contribution in the Horizon2020 Project AM4INFRA.

This gave us the reason to start our company, Horizon2020 Films, and then it really got off: for Rijkswaterstaat we were sent on a project to London and Rome, once again for AM4INFRA. This brought us in contact with the General Secretary of FEHRL, who hired us to make films of their projects Ragtime and Senskin in Milan. And then through FEHRL we were approached by Airbus to shoot footage of their project AEROBI in Thessaloniki.


Huibert is founder of Horizon2020 Films and mainly focuses on project management, production and directing. Thanks to his technical education, international past and flamboyant way of connecting with people, Huibert makes a success of each production. Especially his interviewing skills make him an unmissable ingredient of the success of Horizon2020 Films. Another great advantage is that Huibert speaks fluently English, French and Dutch. Next to this, he understands Spanish, Italian and German. 


Together with Björn our prize winning cameraman and Suzanne our Chief editor, we are able to register the exact image that you were hoping for.

Our team consists furthermore of Max (After Effects en colorgrader) and various freelancers with a wide range of expertise (tech/design/camera/edit). This enables us to be a full-service bureau within the wonderful world of dissemination.